Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Division – Formitize Solution Release

Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Division – Formitize Solution Release

Published on: 25-04-2017 | by Misty in pest control

The Formitize App and Business Solution for the Termite & Pest Control Division is now live and ready for use by all franchisees.

Formitize is replacing the Jimbo App and provides a wealth of functionality previously unavailable. It is integrated with FMS to allow receiving leads directly in the app, like Jimbo. Going forward, we’ll provide client list and notes integration between Jim’s Online, FMS and Formitize. For previous Jimbo users, we’ve already transferred your clients list and notes to Formitize.

There is a full Getting Started Guide with helpful videos available in the Help Section of the Management Portal, please refer to the Guide for help. Instructions on how to access the Getting Started Guide are available at the end of this document.

The following is a summary of key information.

What Is Included

The solution includes the following:
● CRM (Customer Management System) Module
● Quoting Module
● Invoicing Module
● Purchases Module
● Lead Management Module
● Scheduling & Diary Module

The App & Management Portal

There are two primary components to the solution:
● The Mobile App and
● The Management Portal

The Mobile App is designed to be used in the field with many of the solution’s tools available. The Formitize App can be located by searching “Formitize” in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The Management Portal is the web-based control centre for the solution and can be accessed on any web enabled device. Google Chrome is the preferred web browser. The Management Portal delivers full functionality and is the more convenient platform for managing users, permissions, job types and reminder settings.

Termite & Pest Specific Inspection Reports

The Termite and Pest Control Forms and Reports are all immediately available on the Formitize platform delivering the RSA (Report Systems Australia) approved documentation. Please speak to your Jim’s Contact for further information on the specific inspection report details.

Existing Formitize Clients

If you were already a Formitize client prior to the changeover, your account will be automatically rolled over into the new process to ensure all historic information is retained and to avoid any disruption of service.

Existing Payment Arrangements

Your existing automated payment arrangement will cease automatically as you are transferred across to the new Jim’s Group program.

Login Credentials

If you are an existing Formitize client, your login credentials will remain unchanged.

If you are new to Formitize and have not yet received your login credentials, these will be sent to you under separate email but will be in the following format:

Company: JPC [suburb]
Username: admin
Password: System Generated Encrypted

The password is system generated for your security however you can change your password to something more personal whenever you chose.

The login credentials apply to both the App and the Management Portal.

To access the Management Portal, go to www.formitize.com and select LOGIN.

Lead Flow

Integration between Formitize and the Jims Lead solution means that leads assigned to your account will automatically appear in the Leads section of the App for you to follow up and action.

CRM Customization

Many of the components of the CRM can be customised to your personal preference. Please go to the Management Portal > Settings > CRM Settings to set your preferences.

Customization options include the following:
○ Job Type Naming and Setup
○ Job Status Updates Content
○ Future Job Reminder Content
○ Accounting System Integration
○ Custom Variables for CRM Fields
○ General Communication Templates

○ Invoice Terms
○ Invoice Numbering
○ Invoice Payment Terms and Conditions
○ Invoice Email Content
○ Invoice Reminder Communications

○ Quote Prefix and Numbering
○ Quote Title, Terms and Conditions
○ Quote Summary Information
○ Quote Email Content
○ Quote Expiry Terms
○ Quote Reminder Communications

○ Lead - Sales Pipeline Stages
○ Lead Reminder Communications

○ SMS Gateway Setup

More Information

If you require further information, please speak to your Jim’s representative.

Please refer to the Help Menu section of the Management Portal for all Getting Started information or to raise a Technical Support Request

The Help section also includes an Updates release section that details new features and improvements as they are released and a Feature Request option where you can suggest ideas for improvements for future development consideration.

Each primary page of the Management Portal also includes a video link to watch an explanation video on how the page you are viewing works.

Why not discover these amazing features for yourself? Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!

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