Managing a Large-Scale Pest Control Company with App for Fumigation

Managing a Large-Scale Pest Control Company with App for Fumigation

Published on: 24-03-2015 | by Misty in App for Fumigation, Fumigation Certificate Software, Fumigation App, Fumigation Certificate App, Fumigation, mobile forms, digital forms

I recently read a post at the Express Tribune about the expected rise in mosquito populations in Karachi, brought about by the monsoon, and the possible onset of a dengue outbreak. Somebody was interviewed and quoted in the article saying that a fumigation drive is necessary to keep the mosquito population down and prevent an onset of dengue. We’re talking about large-scale fumigation here, something that can only be managed effectively by using App for Fumigation.

On a side note, Dr. Qazi Wasiq of the Pakistani Medical Association noted that, while the fumigation is effective at killing the parasite mosquitoes, it is even better to improve the city’s drainage and sewage system to minimize pools of stagnant water. I do agree with that – a good drainage system will prevent water from being stagnant, inviting mosquitoes to lay eggs there. Of course, that is beside the point.

Logistics – the Nightmare of Any Large Scale Operation

I personally think that, before the monsoon season, the Karachi city government should’ve already worked in improving the city’s drainage system. Launching a large-scale fumigation operation on the city’s mosquito breeding areas is expensive. Logistics could also work against them – because of their harmful nature, the application of fumigants should include the formulation of a management plan aimed towards minimizing the impact of the chemicals to both the environment and the people living in the immediate areas.

There is also the matter of coordinating a large number of fumigation experts and tracking their progress in applying the fumigants in several areas of the city. How can a manager do that? Constant communication can, of course, help provide a look into the status of the people involved in he fumigation drive… but is it timely and accurate?

Logistics is a Piece of Cake with the App

I have come across this great new Fumigation Certificate Software, and I’m sure that the Karachi city government would want to get their hands on this once they comprehend the full capability of this program.

First off, the Fumigation App has a Management Portal. This is where every piece of information comes in. They could coordinate their teams more efficiently and in real time as well – every time mobile forms representing the teams’ reports are submitted, the teams’ status are also updated in the Map. The Portal provides the entity managing the drive to be able to determine the progress of the mobile workforce at any given minute with just a glance.

Most of all, it has a paperless system of reporting. The Fumigation Certificate App simply enables the fumigating experts to draft up a report using digital forms and submit it back to headquarters – all of this accomplished in a timeframe of a few minutes.

There are many capabilities that App for Fumigation can do for the pest control industry in general. To find out more, I suggest visiting Fumigation and discover what this amazing software can do for you and your business. Take the tour today!

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