Marketing Your Business with Fumigation Certificate App

Marketing Your Business with Fumigation Certificate App

Published on: 21-04-2015 | by Misty in Fumigation Certificate App, Fumigation App, App for Fumigation, Fumigation Software, Fumigation, paperless, digital forms

Pest control is a very interesting business to be in. You do get to encounter many different species of pests – parasites as they are. There’s also an incentive to keeping track of the critters that you get to, well, spray the fumigants on. There’s good news for you, because Fumigation Certificate App can help out with that, as well as with many other things.

Why Keep Those Records?

Unlike a pest application report, this record is not mandated by law and is entirely up to the pest control entrepreneur. However, keeping tabs on the critters that you have eliminated from a client’s home can pray a crucial role in the management of your pest control company. That’s what a database is for, and you do get to enjoy a few advantages by being able to do so. Let’s talk about those in the next section.

What You Can Do Using the Records and Photos

By taking pictures using the Fumigation App and uploading it to its Management Portal, you can do the following:

• Archive the photos and the corresponding report to the Resources E-library. This will allow you and members of your mobile workforce to refer to these reports later in the future when somebody encounters the same species.

• If your company has a Facebook page or any other social media account, you can use the photos taken using the App for Fumigation to populate these pages. Fans really love real-time updates, and the app’s capabilities fit exactly that job description. Not only are you able to build your reputation in real life as a reliable business, you also get to build a credible social media presence as well – a must for every business.

• Establishing blogs to build a solid web presence is the way to go for most, if not all, entrepreneurs these days. You can demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in the pest control business with the paperless reports and tagged photos that are produced using the Fumigation Software.

• Create a refresher-training course using the digital forms and the archived photos. You can create a quiz with the forms and require your employees, as part of ongoing education, to answer questions about that particular pest featured in the photo. It’s a good way to make the most out of the app’s capabilities and, simultaneously, keeping your crew trained and knowledgeable.

In other words, aside from helping you keep up with your legislative requirements, the app also helps you in making yourself known to your target audience. It becomes not only a management assistant, but also an invaluable aid to your marketing efforts.

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