4 Reasons to Use Pest Management Software

4 Reasons to Use Pest Management Software

Published on: 02-04-2014 | by Misty in Pest Management Software, Pest Control Reports, Pest Control Software, Pest Control App, paperless

Everybody deals with pests in their homes no matter how much effort they extend to keep their houses clean. And, this means that pest control companies are undoubtedly very busy dealing with their clients. It can be difficult to manage and monitor where everyone is at any given time and determining who is available when a call comes in from a certain area. Pest Management Software provides you with that capability and many other great advantages that every business in the pest control industry should enjoy.

Here are 4 reasons to use Pest Management Software:

1. Know Where Your Teams Are in Real Time.

Pest Management Software is a mobile application that is installed and then accessed by mobile workforce using their company-issued smartphones or tablets. This software is used for a variety of purposes, but predominantly in filling Pest Control Reports. Using Pest Management Software, the data is automatically uploaded to the cloud via the web management portal.
With this built-in portal, you now have the capability of tracking your teams and finding out who is available to service a call for pest control assistance in any given area. This means that you can service more clients in a day than was possible when this kind of capability was not yet available to your business.

2. Your Data is Secure with This App.

Data security is of utmost concern to any business. If your business continues to rely on paperwork for reporting sensitive data like client personal information, you are exposing your company to the risk of having that information stolen.
Pest Management Software is used for reporting and storing data, the information is uploaded directly to the cloud upon reporting. The software suite also comes with features that allow data managers to set access privileges and assigning using username and passwords to each individual employee. This significantly improves the security of business data, and protects the company from data theft from within or without.

3. The Pest Management Mobile App is Very Flexible.

These days, you have a wide array of mobile devices that have smartphone capabilities. However, a company can be very flexible with the devices that they can issue to their field team members because Pest Control Software supports both Android and iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

4. Access Data Anytime It Is Needed.

Data resources can be necessary in some situations. In a paper-based situation, your teams and field agents are expected to bring the documents and reference materials that they need in order to deal with any given circumstance. With the paperless approach of using Pest Management Software, however, your field agents can have the necessary information to react to any client’s problems because the data is accessible anytime with their mobile devices.

If security of your data, flexibility of your field teams and faster workflows are what you seek, then it is definitely a good idea to invest in Pest Control App for your business.

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