3 Ways Pest Inspection Software Increases Efficiency

3 Ways Pest Inspection Software Increases Efficiency

Published on: 14-05-2014 | by Misty in Pest Inspection Software, Mobile Pest Control Reports, Pest Control Reports, paperless, smart forms, paperless forms, mobile forms

Efficiency is the most important trait any workforce should cultivate. Without an efficient workforce, thriving companies will cease to exist. This is because efficiency brings about productivity, and a productive workforce means more satisfied customers, which, in turn, means more revenue for companies.

However, there are many challenges to workforce efficiency. Fortunately, the digital age has brought about Pest Inspection Software that has the capability to address these challenges.

Here are 3 ways Pest Inspection Software helps increase efficiency:

1. You can monitor what your teams are doing and where they are now.
Monitoring is a difficult task, especially for pest control companies. All your people are out in the field, and you don’t really know whether they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. Of course, you can call them and dispatch them to a client but you do not have a convenient or speedy way of tracking where each field agent is or if they are available to service a call. It takes time to track your mobile workforce and their progress but, with a Pest Inspection Software, you now have the means to track in real time the status of each field agent.

2. You can quickly fill out paperless reports and smart forms.

Filling out forms is time consuming! Not only do field agents have to fill out paperless forms, they also have to proofread and see if there are errors. This results in delays in turnaround time, and they become unavailable for the entire time that the reports are filled out correctly. Reports are only compiled at the end of the day, resulting to a mountain of paperwork for the managers to work through.

With the mobile forms used in Pest Inspection Software, however, the paperless forms can be filled out quickly and also corrected if there are errors. Submission is done in the cloud, and the data center automatically receives a copy of Mobile Pest Control Reports. If there are errors, the person managing the data can spot it quickly and remand the reports to the field teams for revision.

3. Create a defined system for managing data.
Data management is very important for all businesses. We all know that data management using paper is not very efficient. It takes a lot of time to dig through the paperwork to find the record that you need. With Pest Inspection Software, you can easily set up an efficient and easy-to-navigate data system. If you already have an existing database, you can improve your data management department’s efficiency even more by integrating it into the mobile app.

It is without doubt that going digital using Mobile Pest Control Reports is a great decision to make for your company. If you are looking for ways that you can boost productivity by up to 80%, then you should think about getting Pest Inspection Software.

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